Yeast Containing Foods to Avoid

Yeast-containing foods can always be avoided when you know what to look at in food you ingest day by day. There are a ton of food groups that contain yeast. In fact, if you want a yeast free diet, it will cancel out a lot of your favorite foods from your menu. Processed foods all contain yeast, it is impossible to include them in your diet without taking in the yeast that comes with them. Some vitamins are even synthesized forms of yeast, or contain same components with yeast.

There are two reasons why people resort to a yeast-free diet. First reason is as treatment to a yeast infection. This helps avoid the maturation and increase in the number of the yeast that already has an active overgrowth in the body.

This is a partial list of foods that contain yeast. If you are allergic to yeast, or you plan to avoid the intake of yeast, this list will help you watch your diet and pin-point what foods to cancel out in your diet.
Here are your yeast-containing foods:

Yeast containing foods can be categorized by two types.

1. Foods that always contain yeast – from the category itself, this means that it is inevitable that these foods always or has always, and will always contain yeast somewhere inside their components.

• Bagels
• Baker’s yeast
• Barbecue Sauce
• Beer
• Bisto
• Bread
• Bread rolls
• Brewer’s yeast
• Buttermilk
• Canned and frozen fruit juices
• Chili Sauce
• Cider
• Citric Acid
• Coffee
• Cream Cheese
• Dates
• Engevita
• Figs
• Grapes and Grape Juice
• Horseradish
• Ketchup
• Malt beverages
• Mayonnaise
• Mincemeat
• Mustard
• MSG (often extracted from autolyzed yeast extract or from wheat)
• Nutritional yeast
• Olives
• Pickles
• Pita Bread
• Pizza Crust
• Powdered Milk
• Pretzels
• Prunes
• Raisins
• Relish
• Ricotta Cheese
• Root Beer
• Rusk
• Salad Dressing
• Sake
• Shrimp Sauce
• Sour Cream
• Sour dough bread
• Soy sauce
• Steak Sauce
• Tea
• Torula
• Vecon
• Vinegar
• Vitamin B supplements (depending on the source of the vitamin B)
• Wine
• Worcestershire sauce
• Yeast Extract (Bovril, Cenovis, Marmite, Oxo, Promite, Vegemite)

2. Foods that sometimes contain yeast – This includes foods that are in the borderline. They differ by recipe, some contain yeast, and some does not. It is now your responsibility to check them product by product.
• Cakes
• Doughnuts
• Fruit, over-ripe
• Soup – prepared or canned
• Soy sauce (Most brands do, some do not)
• Vitamin B supplements (depending on the source of the vitamin B)
• Chocolate (usually depends on the manufacturers and the country that produces it)