Wheat Free Flour Substitutes

Wheat free flour substitutes are becoming more popular worldwide because of the rise of yeast intolerance. People who are yeast intolerant most likely will ignite candidiasis symptoms into a getting worse disease. However, these people need not be deprived from the usual diet course. They can still include bread, pastries, cakes, pies, and breads. The only way to avoid is the gluten which is present in almost flour-based foods. The best way to avoid gluten while still enjoying cakes and other foods created with flour. There are several flours that are wheat-free or gluten-free. Here are the following.

Tapioca Flour
This is derived from the root of cassava plant. This is very common for recipes that need sticker texture of the food, or just mainly for gluten-free recipes. This can be found everywhere in Asian markets.

Rice Flour
Rice flour is the most well-known wheat flour substitute from around the world. It comes in two varieties, the white and brown. Aside from being available in Asian markets, this is also purchased online.

Buckwheat Flour
Despite the name, buckwheat is not a variety of wheat flour and not even a grain. It has a very distinctive taste and popular of its high protein content. It also contains minerals needed for the body to function well like selenium, zinc, and iron.

Millet Flour
This one of the great wheat substitutes because it is very easy to digest. According to human history, this is one among the first crops being cultivated by humans. Its taste is usually sweet and nutty. You can try this one for bread, pastries, and cakes without getting worried of yeast ingestion. Another good thing to have this used for yeast-free diet is that it is rich in vitamins E and B, plus high in protein.

Sorghum Flour
This flour type originated in Africa and is now available worldwide through importing and cultivation by some other countries of the world.

Chickpea Flour
Commonly present in Indian type of cooking, chickpea flour is also another good substitute for wheat flour. This is abundant in Indian stores. Some of the minerals this flour contains are magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, and calcium.

Quinoa Flour
One of the rare wheat substitutes is Quinoa flour. However, you can purchase this online. This flour is also rich in protein.

Amaranth Flour
This is rich in magnesium, calcium and silica, and protein as well. Since it tastes quite peppery, this is excellent for biscuits rather than in pastries, cakes, and other dessert recipes. Internet is the best resort if you want to buy this one.

Maize Flour
African countries commonly use maize flour in their daily meals. Compared to cornmeal, this is finder and high in fiber, magnesium, and vitamin B6. Of course, this is seen in most African markets or purchased online.

Coconut Flour
If you do not want to get fat, you can use coconut flour for cakes, breads, and many others. Unlike other wheat substitute, this is very low in carbohydrate and high in fiber. This is available in any market and even in the internet.

Because all these flour types are gluten-free, you will need to use a mixture of them to produce stretchy dough. Gelatin or xanthan gum might be used to arrive at better baking results.